History of the Monarch vs. Ruler War in Solo Leveling

History of Monarchs Vs. Rulers War in Solo Leveling Explained

We all recognize the significance of the Monarchs and Rulers in Solo Leveling. But are you familiar with the history of the Monarchs vs. Rulers War and its origins? If not, there's no need to worry because this history is never fully explored in the series, not even in its original Manhwa counterpart. Instead, it serves as background events for various major characters. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive explanation of the complete history of the Monarchs vs. Rulers war in Solo Leveling, from its inception to its resolution.

The Origins of Monarchs Vs Rulers War

An image of a Monarch and Rulers, in a Ying/Yang position representing life and death
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

The Absolute Being created the Rulers and Monarchs solely for his own entertainment, to witness their epic war. This is why He used entirely opposite elements to create them: “darkness” for the Monarchs and “light” for the Rulers. Due to being created by darkness, Monarchs were naturally born evil and possessed enormous demonic powers. Their main goal is to bring destruction to the world and eliminate everyone who tries to stop them. Similarly, Rulers are born from light and possess enormous angelic power. That’s why their main role is to stop the Monarchs' terror and protect the world. Due to their completely different mindsets and goals, they can't live peacefully together. As a result, Monarchs and Rulers were engaged in the deadliest war on the very first day of their creation.

Monarchs vs Rulers War in Solo Leveling

An image showing the Rulers and Monarchs preparing for battle
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

The Monarchs vs. Rulers War is not akin to a traditional conflict fought over a single generation. This devastating war spans thousands of years, during which each side flexes its enormous powers. At the outset, each faction possessed only eight extremely powerful warriors. It was a straightforward 8v8 battle without rules, where resorting to any means necessary was common, regardless of fairness. With each passing day of devastating combat, they refined and developed their fighting skills to the utmost, creating new and immensely powerful abilities. After fighting for thousands of years without respite, they all grew and became far more powerful and invincible than they were at birth. The Monarchs vs. Rulers War became what the Absolute Being had always dreamed of, making him proud of his creation of the Rulers and Monarchs.

Everything was going according to the Absolute Being’s plan: the Monarchs and Rulers had been fighting each other for thousands of years without rest. By doing so, they entertained the Absolute Being to the utmost and made him feel extremely proud of his creations. No matter how hard both sides tried to claim victory, neither side ever came close to winning. This was because their power levels were comparatively the same, and the only difference lay in the sources of their power. The Rulers' power and abilities are derived from lightness, while the Monarchs' power and abilities are derived from darkness.

The Outcome of the Never-Ending War

The Rulers looking down on Sung Jinwoo
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

After fighting for more than a thousand years, the Rulers finally realized they couldn’t defeat the Monarchs without the help of the Absolute Being. They approached the creator and asked for additional power buffs to permanently end the war. However, the Absolute Being did not respond, leading them to realize his true, yet hidden, motive. The Rulers then understood that the 'Monarchs vs. Rulers War' was a never-ending battle that would not conclude as long as the Absolute Being remained alive. All the Rulers ceased fighting against the Monarchs and came together to create a plan to slay the Absolute Being. However, Ashborn, the strongest Ruler among them, vehemently opposed this plan and tried his best to stop them. Unfortunately, he was no match for the combined might of the remaining seven Rulers and was easily defeated and contained.

The Rulers executed their plan and succeeded in killing the Absolute Being, acquiring fragments of his power. Ashborn became so angry with his fellow Rulers that he decided to join the Monarchs in their fight against them. He joined the Monarchs’ side and became the Shadow Monarch, the second strongest Monarch among them. With the addition of Ashborn, the Monarchs became more powerful, shifting the balance of power and bringing difficulty for the Rulers. All seven Rulers began utilizing the fragments of power seized from the Absolute Being and captured Legia, the Monarch of the Beginning, starting to overpower the Monarchs' side. Meanwhile, Ashborn found himself in a fight with another Monarch, Baran, the Monarch of White Flame, who attempted to kill him. With the loss of these two members, the Monarchs were unable to fight back against the Rulers and finally lost the war, forcing them to hide in the darkness of the world. The Rulers had succeeded in saving the world from the Monarchs and chose to replace the Absolute Being, becoming the new gods of the world.

What Did the Rulers Do After Becoming the New Gods?

The Rulers using the Cup of Reincarnation to turn back time
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

After winning the never-ending war against the Monarchs, the Rulers enjoyed a peaceful life, as the world no longer feared destruction. Ashborn regretted his decision to join the Monarchs' side and sought revenge against them. He decided to escape into the darkness, attempting to rebuild his Shadow Army. Centuries later, the Monarchs once again began moving and rebuilding their demon armies, infiltrating the human world.

Upon noticing the Monarchs’ plan, the Rulers came to the aid of humans but failed. Unable to enter the human world in their original form, the rulers needed to channel their power through vessels. Since they couldn't provide effective assistance to the human world, the Monarchs initially succeeded in their plan, leading to the extermination of the human race. Unable to tolerate this, the Rulers used the “Cup of Reincarnation,” a Power Fragment acquired from the Absolute Being. Through this divine tool, they turned back time by 10 years, providing another chance to save the human world.

Despite winning the war against the Monarchs, they couldn't prevent the extinction of the human race. They continued to reverse time after each loss, but the outcome remained the same: the human world's extinction. In their final attempt to prevent extinction, the Rulers began spawning Gates in the human world. The goal was to make humans aware of magical beasts and train their people to face them. The Rulers also selected seven human vessels, known as the National Level Hunters, and granted them their power to defeat the Monarchs in the upcoming war.

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