Solo Leveling: The Birth of National Hunters

How Kamish Dungeon Birthed National Level Hunters in Solo Leveling?

There are plenty of powerful hunters in Solo Leveling. These top-ranked hunters are referred to as S-rank hunters and possess enormous strength and supernatural abilities. But have you heard about the national-level hunters in Solo Leveling? Yes, there is another special rank created by the Hunter Association, which is only given to those who survived the world’s deadliest dungeon raids. In today’s post, we will share with you the complete details of the Kamish dungeon raid and how it gave birth to national-level hunters in Solo Leveling. You will also learn about these special S-rank hunters and their formidable abilities.

Kamish Dungeon: The Strongest Dungeon in Solo Leveling

The Dragon Kamish as a Shadow Solder
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Several S-rank dungeons are featured in the series, spawned in different parts of the world. However, the Kamish Dungeon was the first-ever S-rank dungeon in Solo Leveling, appearing eight years before the series’ original storyline. What made it the strongest dungeon in Solo Leveling is its dungeon boss, Kamish. He is an extremely powerful red dragon with formidable strength and durability. As a dragon, he can unleash massive fire attacks from his mouth, causing enormous destruction. Additionally, he once served under Antares, the King of Dragons, in the Rulers vs. Monarchs war and provided significant support to the monarchs' side. As a servant of Antares, Kamish is also capable of using his master’s devastating attack, known as “Dragon’s Fear”. When employing this fierce attack, he can induce a state of panic in his enemies, albeit only if they are weaker than him.

How Did the Kamish Dungeon Become the Graveyard of S-Rank Hunters?

The Dragon Kamish during the Kamish Dungeon
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Since its opening on the west coast of America, the American government had the primary duty of sending its American hunters inside the dungeon to clear it. However, the government immediately realized that it was an S-rank dungeon, quite impossible to handle on its own. Consequently, the American government offered a huge reward to any S-rank hunter who participated in this "world’s deadliest dungeon" raid alongside their American counterparts. Upon hearing about the substantial reward, numerous top-ranking hunters from different countries came to participate in the Kamish Dungeon raid.

A total of more than 100 S-rank hunters gathered and entered the dungeon. However, they were completely unaware of the significant power level difference between themselves and Kamish, the dungeon boss. As expected from the world’s greatest magical beast, Kamish did not take much time to annihilate everyone who entered the dungeon. With a single breath attack, he killed almost every S-rank hunter, along with 1 million civilians who were living near the dungeon. As we all know, it takes a lot of hard work and experience to become an S-rank hunter, so it is quite sad that the World Hunter Association lost over 100 S-rank hunters in this deadliest dungeon raid. Consequently, the Kamish Dungeon is considered the graveyard of S-rank hunters.

Birth of National-Level Hunters in Solo Leveling

An image of 3 National Level Hunters, Thomas Andre, Liu Zhigang, Christopher Reed
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

The Kamish Dungeon is not just the graveyard of S-rank hunters; it’s also the birthplace of humanity’s strongest hunters. Before the birth of national-level hunters in Solo Leveling, all top-ranked hunters shared the same rank, called S-rank. As mentioned, 100 S-rank hunters did not survive Kamish’s single-breath attack, while five S-rank hunters were still putting in their best efforts. They all demonstrated the peak of hunters’ power and their capability when it comes to saving the world. After a long-lasting confrontation, these five hunters finally killed Kamish and saved the world. After witnessing the Kamish dungeon raid, the World Hunter Association realized the true power level of those five S-rank hunters. Thus, they introduced “National Level,” a new rank in the hunter ranking system, and awarded it to those five S-rank hunters. That was the birth of the national-level hunters, who emerged as humanity’s greatest saviors.

List of National-Level Hunters in Solo Leveling

A total of five S-rank hunters survived and saved the world from Kamish’s terror, leading to their recognition as national-level hunters. Each of these national-level hunters hails from a different country and lives like royalty. Since the Kamish dungeon incident, they have earned immense respect and love from people around the world. Unlike other S-rank hunters, they possess the unique ability to react to situations as they see fit, along with exclusive authority. Let’s move forward and meet all five national-level hunters in Solo Leveling.

1. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre powering up for a strong punch
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Among the five national-level hunters, Thomas Andre stands out as the strongest, having secured the top rank on the world's hunter ranking chart. His imposing physique, adorned with black tattoos, lends him a captivating presence. His formidable strikes and mastery of buff magic serve him well in battles against formidable foes like Rakan, the Monarch of Fangs. Moreover, his superhuman strength and speed were brilliantly displayed in his epic confrontation with Sung Jinwoo. Thomas isn't just the second strongest hunter in Solo Leveling; he's also one of the ruler's vessels, capable of harnessing their incredible power. Utilizing his telekinetic abilities, he can draw objects toward himself with a force akin to a black hole.

2. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang surrounded by body guards
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Liu Zhigang is another national-level hunter and the strongest hunter from China. Prior to Sung Jin Woo’s introduction, he was considered Asia’s strongest hunter and acquired the 2nd rank in the world’s hunter ranking chart. He is blessed with immense physical strength, speed, and durability, significantly surpassing other ranked hunters. While swinging swords, Liu Zhigang releases explosive energy blasts, causing severe damage to enemies. The blasts are so powerful that they can easily wipe out an entire army of ants coming from the Chinese coastline. He effortlessly beheads giants with a single swing, enemies that are already quite challenging for S-rank hunters to handle.

3. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed in side his home
Source: Solo Leveling Manhwa

Christopher Reed is another formidable American hunter who attained a national-level rank from the authorities. He secured the 3rd position in the world’s hunter ranking chart but receives less screen time in the series compared to the two other national-level hunters already mentioned. However, this doesn't imply that he is any less potent; rather, he unfortunately encounters formidable opponents first. Christopher becomes embroiled in the deadliest battle against three monarchs who seek to eliminate him. He unleashes his full strength in the fight and undergoes a transformation into a one-eyed giant in a desperate attempt to defeat at least one of them. Regrettably, he fails to do so and tragically succumbs to their onslaught.

4. Siddhart Bachachan

Siddhart Bachachan, who hails from India, holds the 4th rank on the world’s hunter ranking chart. Despite being a national-level hunter, he never makes an appearance in the manhwa counterpart. However, he has so much hype among fans that he might make an appearance in the anime adaptation. Throughout the entire series, fans only hear about his immense power level and abilities. One of his major abilities discussed in the series is his formidable telekinetic ability, which allows him to control any objects in the air.

5. Unnamed S-Rank Hunter

He is the only national-level hunter whose name is not mentioned in the series. It was also not revealed which country he belonged to or represented in the raid. However, he is a healer and proved to be an extremely useful hunter in the Kamish dungeon raid. Being a healer, he is considered the greatest healer-type hunter and has achieved the highest hunter rank ever. Among all national-level hunters, he is the only one who is not a vessel of a ruler.

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