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About AnimeTrivia.app ~ (•ิ_•ิ)?

Millions enjoy anime; Japan has created a fantastic industry that has inspired thousands of anime-related projects.

Anime Trivia aims to provide people the ability to both test and increase their knowledge about their favorite animes, visual novels, manga, and general knowledge about the industry.

How we got started ~ (≧▽≦)

The idea to create this resource first started when the people at AnimeTrivia.app played an anime-themed trivia card game. This group of nerds friends enjoyed playing this card game weekly after their DnD sessions. They played this game for weeks, going through hundreds of questions testing each other's knowledge of anime.

After finishing the game and going through over 500 questions, the AnimeTrivia.app team wanted to continue playing trivia after their weekly DnD sessions but could not find an online resource that offered the same quality. Having a developer in the group, they took it upon themselves to create this resource for their friends and anyone else in the anime community who might want to play a pub-style anime trivia game.

The team at AnimeTrivia.app also decided this was an excellent opportunity to improve the User Experience of playing an anime trivia game. Adding functionality like allowing users to pre-select which anime they get questioned on or remove all questions from an anime they haven't seen. Issues like this were very prominent when the team was playing the card game and are something that the team prides itself on fixing for the community they hope to build. The site was entirely designed and built by our only developer, Bleeus.

Our Questions ~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

AnimeTrivia.app wants to provide people with the highest quality questions for every possible anime! We understand this is no easy task and that we may not know all the extended lore and information about every anime on our site. To help remedy this, we attempt to crowdsource most of our questions!

Once we have received a new question, an admin will review it for basic grammatical errors and attempt to validate the question's accuracy. If the admin cannot confirm the answer or determine its accuracy, we will ask the community to help us validate the question through the site's reviews page.

This helps grow the community while increasing how fast AnimeTrivia.app can add questions to the site, since the crowdsourced knowledge is much greater than the small AnimeTrivia.app team.

About our mascot ~ ٩(ε

The beta for AnimeTrivia.app used characters from some of our favorite visual novels as the mascots/logo for the site. However, as development progressed, we understood that the use of these characters was only a temporary solution. So we created a custom character that you have probably seen throughout the site!

This is Chinami Mona (智奈美 萌愛)! Chinami is spelled 智奈美. (chi) meaning "wisdom, knowledge," (na) meaning "Nara," and (mi) meaning "beautiful." Mona is spelled 萌愛. meaning "sprout" and meaning "love."

Image of Chinami Mona, AnimeTrivia.app's mascot

智奈美 萌愛
Chinami Mona