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About Our Horimiya Anime Trivia Questions

This is our list of anime trivia questions and answers for Horimiya. Feel free to use these trivia questions for your trivia nights and quiz nights!

These Horimiya questions are plot and character-driven, we want to provide you with the highest quality questions possible! Generic Horimiya questions are great, but plot based questions are what will really test your knowledge.

Lots of these Horimiya questions have been community submitted and have a range of easy, hard, and almost impossible questions! This should provide a strong range of questions for every type of Horimiya fan.

If you want to learn more about Horimiya, be sure to check out its page on MyAnimeList.

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Cat Planet Cuties

What organization does Manami work for?

What organization does Aoi work for?

How did Aoi meet Kio?


What are the names of Araragi's little sisters?

Why does Nadeko Sengoku have scale-like marks all over her body?

Why does Black Hanekawa exist?

My Dress-Up Darling

What does Kitagawa wear while Gojou took her measurements?

What item did Gojou become infatuated with while in his youth?

How many years had Gojou’s Grandfather been making dolls?

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Depresso started watching anime in 2005, and he still remembers his excitement waiting for Goku to come back from king kai's planet. Ever since then, he has watched more anime than he studied at school xD. Now he critiques anime with his friends to make use of their degrees.

Fun Fact: He is a firm believer that Steins;Gate is overrated, and he could literally write an essay about it.

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